Vancouver history: File photos show Easter weekends

The holidays, especially since the start of the pandemic, for many have meant text messages, social media posts and video chats with loved ones.

But Easter in Vancouver and elsewhere in British Columbia didn’t always look like this. Photos from the City of Vancouver Archives show what the weekend was like in years past.

A photo from 1909 shows William John Brewer, then Warden of the Municipality of South Vancouver, and his wife, EG, sporting what might be their Sunday best for an Easter photo.

Brewers Park, named after the man in the photo, sits on part of what was once his property.

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Easter Archives/park2.jpg

Easter Archives/park.jpg

A group appears to have dressed up for a picnic in the park in 1927. Although the footage is available from the City of Vancouver Archives, legend suggests it was captured on Vancouver Island in the area of ​​what is now Goldstream Provincial Park.

Easter Archives/english.jpg

Easter Sunday was a rainy day in 1932 when this crowd gathered for a kind of “church ceremony” in English Bay, according to legend.

Easter Archives/stjames.jpg

A group gathers outside St. James’s Church on Easter weekend 1935. The Anglo-Catholic parish has existed since 1881, according to the church’s website.

Easter Archives/Church.jpg

A photo taken on Easter 1938 shows worshipers marking the holiday during a service in a Ukrainian church.

Easter Archives/hbc2.jpg

Easter Archives/hbc1.jpg

Easter Archives/hbc.jpg

Hudson’s Bay Company windows show Easter outfits in 1943-44.

Easter Archives/movie.jpg

The 1948 advertisement shows the films shown at the Strand Theater during its Easter Holiday gala programme.

This Time For Keeps is a musical romance set during World War II starring Esther Williams, Johnnie Johnston, Jimmy Durante and Lauritz Melchior. The poster advertises “Color by Technicolor”, which was still notable in the 1940s, although there were color films before that.

The other movie playing this weekend, Tenth Avenue Angel, is a drama starring Angela Lansbury, George Murphy and Margaret O’Brien.

Easter Archives/ham.jpg

The same week was apparently the time to celebrate a specific type of meat.

“Easter week is ham week,” proclaimed a banner seen at the Spencer Meat Center in March 1948.

Easter Archives/stanley.jpg

A group of 2nd graders are seen in Stanley Park on Easter in 1970.

The children attended Maplewood School in North Vancouver according to city records. The photo, which comes from Pugstem Publications and was published in the Vancouver Express, was taken just before the holidays.

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